Montag, 19. Februar 2007

Jolt 22 – 3. Spieltag – 18.02.07 – vs. SARL

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Endstand q3w3: 11-0 Endstand ctctf2: 10-0
Jolt Season 22 week 3 against SARL: q3w3 Jolt Season 22 Week 3 against SARL: ctctf2
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Demos (Admin POV)
Bigfoot’s review

There isn’t a review needed I think. Our offence performed outstanding under Bert’s lead and our leaky defence finished everyone who tried to take a closer look on our flag. Well played! You all deserve a cookie on next week’s LAN ;)

Good game, SARL

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Guns´n´Roses Tourney

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I have to say that it’s been a huge success again! This would never have happened without your help. So thank you all!
Especially Team !nfinity for their Quake3 and Teamspeak server, Jolt and xs4all for offering their servers, Pagan for making his Teamspeak available and Fishman for the jolt organization and his interesting fish_bot! :)

You can find the teams and results here. There is no rank available as it was simply not the goal of the tourney. Also note that I am still missing one result, if someone can speak up? ;)


Montag, 12. Februar 2007

Jolt 22 – 2. Spieltag – 11.02.07 – vs. dRs

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Endstand q3w7: 1-4 Endstand q3wcp1: 4-3
prostbucko-ctf-q3w7-20070211-221918.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp1-20070211-224113.jpg
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Demos (Admin POV)
Bigfoot’s review

Great game to both dRs and Prost! Thanks to sucksuck for the coaching!


Freitag, 9. Februar 2007

Jolt 22 – 1. Spieltag – 04.02.07 – vs. bdi

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Endstand q3wcp5: 4-1 Endstand q3wcp9: 10-3
prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp5-20070204-222329.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp9-20070204-224924.jpg
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Demos (Admin POV)
Bigfoot’s review

GGs bdi

Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

eS.CTF Season III – 7. Spieltag – 05.02.07 – vs. DX!

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Endstand q3wcp22: 0-4 Endstand q3wcp1: 2-8
prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp22-20070205-202845.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp1-20070205-205244.jpg
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