Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007

Kuh3 Spring 07 – 5. Spieltag – 28.06.07 – vs. !nf

Abgelegt unter: Kuh3liga, Quake 3 — Nurse @ 21:00
Endstand q3wcp22: 3-0 Endstand q3wcp1: 2-3
Screenie2 Screenie1
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Unser letztes Spiel fand gegen das Team von !nfinty statt, die bisher den letzten Platz in der laufenden Kuhligasaison inne hatten. Sollten wir beide Maps verlieren, würden wir die rote Laterne übernehmen. Gespielt wurde auf den Maps wcp22 (gesetzt von !nf) und wcp1 (unsere Homemap). (weiterlesen…)

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2007

Jolt 23 – 5. Spieltag – 17.06.07 – vs. KoW

Abgelegt unter: Jolt, Quake 3 — Suck @ 22:30
Endstand q3wcp22: 0-1 Endstand q3wcp9: 1-3
prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp22-20070617-222630.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp9-20070617-225517.jpg
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Demos (Admin/Chat’s POV)
Bigfoot’s review

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

Kuh3 Spring 07 – 4. Spieltag – 14.06.07 – vs. Vw

Abgelegt unter: Kuh3liga, Quake 3 — Bucko @ 21:00
Endstand q3wcp5: 0-7 Endstand q3wcp22: 1-4
prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp5-20070614-212934.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp22-20070614-215345.jpg
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Short Review by Ebbel:
Beide Maps verloren, weil Gegner deutlich zu stark (siehe Stats). Ceno machte den Ehrencap auf wcp22.

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2007

Jolt 23 – 4. Spieltag – 10.06.07 – vs. d303

Abgelegt unter: Jolt, Quake 3 — Chatfragger @ 22:30
Endstand q3ctf2: 1-2 Endstand q3wcp14: 4-11
prostbucko-ctf-q3ctf2-20070610-223016.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp14-20070610-225407.jpg
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Demos (Admin POV)
Bigfoot’s review
Short review below

Known for its aggressive offence, d303 is one that should not be underestimated. We feared another two huge beatings as we know that ctf2 and wcp14 are not the best Prost maps. Fortunately we managed to contain the damage on ctf2, and perhaps if we had luck on our side instead, we might have been able to turn it into a tie or even a victory. The second map, however, resulted once more into a complete disaster, one of three defeats in a row that learn us that we should go and try to find out what exactly goes wrong in our defence-offence interaction. Well played anyway, d303 :)


Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2007

Kuh3 Spring 07 – 3. Spieltag – 07.06.07 – gFBI-B

Abgelegt unter: Kuh3liga, Quake 3 — Ebbel @ 21:00
Endstand ctctf3: 2-1 Endstand q3wcp15: 0-7
prostbucko-ctf-ctctf3-20070607-212819.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp15-20070607-220021.jpg
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Demos (Coach POV)
Short review below

We have been training quite a lot against gFBI lately, but we finally confronted eachother in what is probably a duel for the wooden spoon spot. I think we played quite strong on ctctf3 with a pretty stable defence and a pushing offence. Perhaps should have been able to get a little bit more out of it, but all in all it was a nice map. On the other hand, the disaster against AMBAR on wcp15 seems to have repeated itself against gFBI. However, this time we were extremely unlucky at times and certainly did not deserve a 0-7 beating. Things went out of control when Bucko got holyshitted and I have the impression that their attackers managed to escape with a single digit on their health status. That aside, it was a nice war nonetheless. Well played gFBI :)