Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Clanbase Summer 08 – 3. Spieltag – 16.07.2008 – vs. Magic

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Endstand q3wcp14: 0-3 Endstand q3w7: 1-0
cb08sc3-prost_vs_magic-q3wcp14.jpg cb08sc3-prost_vs_magic-q3w7.jpg
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Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Clanbase Summer 08 – 2. Spieltag – 09.07.2008 – vs. H

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Endstand q3w7: 3-2 Endstand q3wcp15: 2-5
q3w7 q3ctf2
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Demos (Coach POV)
Demos (Buelli POV)

The second game in the summer cup was against the Hefti team, a nice and aggressive team to play against, resulting in a fair tie for both clans. See Buelli’s full review below for the gory details :)


Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

Chill & Grill 2008 – Warping back

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This weekend, nearly the full Prost team (that is: Bucko, Buelli, C3no, Chat, Ebbel, Gerfy, Green, Keks, Nurse, Sim1 and Sucksuck) came together near Hanau for the annual grill party, something we have all been looking forward to for several months. You can find a full report below.


Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008

Chill & Grill, Prost Weekend 2008

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Emile already started

The summer has arrived! Hot weather, holidays, traveling, chilling and grilling.. they are all lurking around the corner again. After a competitive Quake3 year, it is time to get our deserved rest and enjoy all of the above at another great Prost weekend hosted by Grillmeister Ebbel!

Don’t panic, we’ll be back on Monday :)

Clanbase Summer 08 – 1. Spieltag – 03.07.2008 – vs. wH

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Endstand q3w7: 0-5 Endstand q3wcp15: 0-12
prostbucko-ctf-q3w7-20080703-213445.jpg prostbucko-ctf-q3wcp15-20080703-220137.jpg
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The first game in the clanbase summer cup, a 4v4 league with some ‘alternative’ maps. Unfortunately, our opponents, after being inactive for a while, appeared to be placed in the wrong division and I guess most of us were already with their thoughts at the Prost weekend the next day :)