Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Stickrunners #4 – 5. Spieltag – 08.11.2009 – vs K2

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Endstand q3wcp5: 5 – 4 Endstand q3wcp18: 8 – 2
sr4w5-Prost_vs_K2-q3wcp5 sr4w5-Prost_vs_K2-q3wcp18

Demos (Admin POV)

The last round of season 4. As DS won against Magic, we had to win both maps to grab the title. Q3WCP15 was a really tight game, both teams being lucky (or unlucky) several times. Unicious was denied a couple of caps, but the rest of the team managed to take over. In the last two minutes, C3no capped the winning flag. One more map to go! Q3WCP18 went surprisingly smooth, in fact, we played so well that K2 gave up halfway the game and so we became the division 2 champions this season! Congratulations everyone :)

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Stickrunners #4 – 4. Spieltag – 01.11.2009 – vs ds

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Endstand q3wcp22: 3 – 2 Endstand q3wcp1: 3 – 2
sr4w4-Prost_vs_ds-q3wcp22 sr4w4-Prost_vs_ds-q3wcp1

Demos (Admin POV)

One word: C3nobit.

Those were probably the best games of Quake3 I’ve played in a very long time. We had non-stop action from both teams, balancing on the edge between a victory and a loss. Fortunately C3no was there to save us in the very last second twice! Great games, the demos are a must-see.

Stickrunners #4 – 3. Spieltag – 01.11.2009 – vs Magic

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Endstand q3ctf2: 0 – 1 Endstand q3wcp9: 5 – 4
sr4w4-Magic_vs_Prost-q3ctf2 sr4w4-Magic_vs_Prost-q3wcp9

Demos (Admin POV)

Some fun games here. We should have tied ctf2 as we played very offensive and had some really great chances, but Magic somehow always managed to take us down. Denied! The second map, q3wcp9 also had some aggressive play from both sides, resulting in a lot of caps – and one more for us :)