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Grillparty, A Journey To Hessen

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This weekend we were having a big grill party at Ebbel’s place with seven Prostlers (Nurse, Simone, Bucko, Ceno, Chat, Ebbel, Gerfy) and our beloved, meanwhile assimilated, Buelli. You can find a full report below :)


ice.jpg Saturday 6am, Gent Sint Pieters. After a somewhat sleepless night dreaming ahead, I was standing on a deserted platform waiting for a promising day to begin. After a five hour long train ride on board of Deutschland’s finest, a sign “Hanau Hbf” floated by in the land of Ebbelwoi.

A small step for mankind, a giant leap for – “Chat?”, it was the first word I heard right after setting foot on Hessian soil. I woke up. Ebbel! Although being slightly drunk by the long journey, I quickly recognized our famous grillmeister and smiled. From that very moment, time started flying by faster than our Nurse with Haste :D

After having a little chat and a giant coke in the station pub (even though they did not forsee my ice tea request, I must admit that it was most certainly a jolly good place), we went looking for C3no. The always joking Prostler entertained us all the way to Casa Ralf where we met Ebbel’s friendly wife and kids (whom we all knew from teamspeak). Casa Ralf, a pretty house surrounded by a large garden with a big tent in the middle. The barbecue could begin. All we needed now was the rest of the team.

flag-small.jpg Right after unloading the car, we heard some crazy woman sounding the horn. Unsere Prost Mamma ist da! With a car full of delicious cakes. In fact, they looked so appealing (and we were starving) that we already finished a piece when our sweet Prost couple (also known as team BuSi) arrived with the recently assimilated VdW’ers, Gerfy and Bueller. Unfortunately we had to miss Sucksuck who was suffering from travelling difficulties and hence, could not show up for the grill party.

sauce.jpgDuring the evening a lot of stories were exchanged, but Ceno’s performance was simply outstanding. Even though I did not understand every word -sometimes I had to guess the subject- it was great fun seeing our stand-up comedian amusing the crowd. Of course, that didn’t come without drinking and appetising. One of the surprises Ebbel had in mind for us was Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Burning a brave Buelli’s tongue (hey, you shouldn’t have licked it! :P ) and turning my head into a red tomato, we all agreed that it was definitely worth its reputation as the hottest sauce in the universe, be warned.

bbq1.jpg Time for the main dish: Schweinesteak, Wurst und Salat, which tasted really good to be honest (I have to ask the recipe one day.) Certainly a dinner that largely compensated the long train ride, during which I only had two cookies as breakfast.

When everyone was done, we had a short walk into town. It’s a very quiet place with a nice Biergarten at the centre where we had a top 3v3 soccer tourney. Junge versus alte Sacke: C3no, Ebbel’s son and a kid from town against Bucko, Gerfy and Chat, supported by GTV and a sold-out stadium. The result? Well… let’s say we let the younglings win (hrhr), nice game though! We took some well deserved rest on the children’s playground itself. Kids as we are, Simone, Bucko, Gerfy and Ceno were having a lot of fun which resulted in some cute pictures.

breakfast.jpg After our little expedition, we chatted all evening (or rather, they did while I listened) and time flew by until tiredness struck. Fortunately, a good rest, an excellent German breakfast and plenty of card games warped my energy back to normal levels. Good morning, Deutschland!

Sunday 12pm, Hanau. We were standing on a deserted platform waiting for the moment to say goodbye, somehow hoping it would be delayed (well, it was, the BuSi train arrived about 10 minutes too late). Three kisses, a handshake and a mixed feeling. Just Gerfy and I remained, waiting for our connection to Frankfurt where our ways eventually split. A final hug ended a weekend I will never forget :)

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(Thanks to the Comrades for all the help with the editing)

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