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Chill & Grill 2008 – Warping back

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This weekend, nearly the full Prost team (that is: Bucko, Buelli, C3no, Chat, Ebbel, Gerfy, Green, Keks, Nurse, Sim1 and Sucksuck) came together near Hanau for the annual grill party, something we have all been looking forward to for several months. You can find a full report below.

It was a Friday morning on some windy station in Belgium. A train announced its approach with a lot of noise. The first of many during a long, promising journey to Hessen. The weather appeared a bit gloomy at first, but upon arrival, the sun had a big, welcoming smile as if it knew that a great event was about to happen.

Indeed, Nurse, DrGreenthumb and grillmeister Ebbel himself were already waiting when Ebbel’s wife brought Gerfy and me home from the station. Old friends, happy hugs, a cup of coffee or milk and four different cakes on the table, what can be better than that? The smell of two burning grills in the evening of course! Unfortunately for the starving Doctor, that had to wait a bit as we couldn’t start without our storyteller C3nobit. We picked him up at the station after a typical Nicostyle train ride, providing plenty of tales on its own.


We grilled till late in the evening: Rollbraten, chicken, potatoes and cheese. There was a lot to talk and joke about, even if I sometimes had a hard time translating all that fast German, but we all had a good laugh and that is of course the most important thing.


The next morning we had a small breakfast before going in for a refreshing dive in the town’s swimming pool. Followed by some more breakfast and a nap. The main event of the day was the arrival of Buelli, Keks, Sucksuck and the BuSi family. A happy reunion with plenty of cake, coffee, beer, lemonade and of course, Ebbelwoi.

After an excellent dinner, we had to say goodbye to Buelli and Gerfy who had to leave earlier unfortunately. We went out for a walk to the kindergarten in the neighbourhood and of course, for the meanwhile traditional Prostball game. C3no, Keks, Sim1 and Ebbel’s daughter versus Bucko, Chat, Green and Sucksuck. For personal reasons I won’t talk too much into detail about which team won, only that Simone plays just as strong as in Quake, both hurt if you’re in the other team… :)


The day was far from over, however! There was lots of playing and talking in the evening. Games like boules and pictionary caused some good laughing and of course there was C3no entertaining the crowd deep into the night again. I’m quite sure that the amount of Best of Prost quotes could have doubled here, if anyone can remember them.


Sunday morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast again but as time was passing by, we were slowly realising that the time for an inevitable departure was coming closer. One by one, the Prostlers were heading home, all over Germany (and a bit of Belgium). Eventually Bucko, Sim1 and I were the last to leave, waving goodbye to our nice hosts and heading to the station where our ways split the belgian way: with a big hug and three kisses :)

Thanks to everyone for such a lovely weekend and especially to Ebbel and family for all the preparation. Prost 2009 can’t come soon enough! Yeehaw! Prost!

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  1. Nice Review Chat! :)

    Und nochmal ein dickes “Danke” an die Ebbel-Familie! :)

    Kommentar von Bucko — Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008 @ 10:54

  2. It sounded like you where really enjoying the event. Very nice indeed! Now I got a complete new and much much better picture about the Prost family! Hey, it even made me come member on the site :P


    Kommentar von Astral — Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008 @ 14:19

  3. Hehe, thanks Astral :)

    Kommentar von Chatfragger — Freitag, 11. Juli 2008 @ 13:37

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