Quake3: A quick install guide

  1. Install the game from your CDROM.
  2. Download and install the 1.32b point release for Windows windows.gif or Linux linux.gif. Make sure you enable PunkBuster during the installation.
  3. Download and unzip OSP1.03a into your Quake III Arena directory.
  4. Download and execute PBSetup so that your PunkBuster is up to date. Next, enable PunkBuster by typing pb_cl_enable in the Quake3 console. To open the console, press the button between the TAB and ESC key (often labeled ² or ~).
  5. Download some common Quake3 map packs and place the pk3’s in your baseq3 directory:

If you’re new to the Prost community, you might want to read a bit about our spirit and gameplay. Now join the server and have fun! :)

Note: Some servers (like xs4all and Jolt) are running an older PunkBuster version. To download that particular version from the server, you need to enter /pb_security 0 in the Quake3 console, connect to that server and spectate until /pb_plist displays OK next to your nickname.